Frequently Asked Questions



How long will it take to receive my item?

Orders are always shipped out next business day when possible. Courier is always the preferred method of getting parcels out as they offer a faster delivery service. Although sometimes Australia post is the only option when a delivery needs to go to a post office box or is outside a courier delivery area.

Courier Delivery times to major cities are usually

VIC :  same day -5 business days

N.S.W : 1-5 business days

S.A : 1-5 business days

QLD : 2-6 business days

N.T : 5-12 business days

W.A : 5-9 business days

TAS : 3-9 business days

What if the product I want is sold out?

What materials do you use for packing?

where possible, clean and useable recycled material is always used. From packing foam to boxes. All parts are shipped safely and securely. Even the satchels that are used to post are environmentally friendly. made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials  

How do pre-orders work?

When a part or skate is on the site as a preorder you will be required to pay in full or put down a deposit to secure the item or your size. Preorders onsite are only available if the item can be fulfilled. If the preorder is showing ‘out of stock’ please message directly about availability. Most preorders are due to the manufacturer being in pre production. As soon as they finish production the shipment will be sent out and as soon as they land in stock all orders will be fulfilled. If you have paid a deposit only your invoice will be updated for the full amount and you will be required to pay the remainder before the item can be couriered out.


What payment methods do you accept?

Direct bank deposit, PayPal, afterpay and all major credit cards are accepted.


What can I do if the item I’m after is showing ‘out of stock’?

Although stock is always kept for most items on the site, some items will only be available in limited amounts due to low production runs or high import costs. Some items also take some time to arrive from their country of origin which can result in the item going out of stock while still awaiting delivery. If the item you’re after is showing out of stock the best thing to do is message directly to get an ETA on arrival and secure your item.


Because the store is online with no physical store is there a way I can I try on skates before purchasing? Yes, stock is located in Melbourne and a time and place can be arranged to meet for fitting.


What can I do if the skates I purchased do not fit? In the event that the skates you have purchased are the incorrect size you can send them back and have another pair in a different size sent out to you. This will incur extra postage costs and is subject to the correct size being in stock. The returned skates also need to be in un used condition.


What is the correct frame size for my skate?


Most frames come in two sizes. Small/medium and medium/large.

If your skate is US9 and under your should be choosing a small/medium frame. Anything US9 and higher you would be using a medium/large frame


How can I get bearings into my famus wheels?

Due to the aluminum core on famus wheels the bearings are a tight fit. There are many methods to get them in with ease and you should never resort to using a hammer. This will only compromise your bearing. One of the easiest methods to use is the HOT/COLD method. Temperature will expand and contract metal. If you put the bearings in the freezer and put the wheels in hot water (not boiling) for around 5 minutes the bearings will slide into the aluminum core with less effort. This method and A bearing press would be the safest and easiest way to install them.


How can I get in contact?


You can message directly by simply hitting the ‘message us’ button that comes up when you’re on the site. Otherwise email or search Rampant Skate Shop on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube