Exite Pro-Max Wrist Guards
Exite Pro-Max Wrist Guards
Exite Pro-Max Wrist Guards

Exite Pro-Max Wrist Guards

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The Pro-Max is Exite’s premium neoprene sleeve (Pull-On) design wrist guard offering increased padding, comfort and protection.

The Pro-Max has a contoured design for precise fit and support without compromising movement. Worn like a glove rather than a guard.

Available in the S, M, L and XL

As with all protective products, correct fit will ensure maximum protection

Size guide – measure around your wrist for a size estimate

  • Small – up to 14cm (5.5 inches) (Kids)
  • Medium – up to 17.5cm (6.5 inches) (Teens)
  • Large – up to 19.0cm (7.5 inches) (Average adult)
  • Extra Large -up to 21.0cm (8.5 inches) (Bigger skaters)

{ Splint is designed and located at the base of the palm where most impact happens }

Exite Australia’s wrist guards complement Exite’s elbow and knee pads to keep you protected whilst sKatanga;

  • Safety gear
  • Protective gear
  • Perfect fit
  • Correct fit
  • Comfortable offering great protection
  • Neoprene sleeve and nylon 
  • Palm protection and wrist support while allowing full range of motion
  • Sweat cloth for forehead
  • Breathable fabric
  • Ergonomically designed front and rear splints
  • Rear closing system
  • Durable Velcro straps
  • Measure yourself and purchase online or try on at your local skateshop
  • Designed in Australia